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Een onvergetelijke verjaardag voor een man

An unforgettable birthday for a man is not always easy. Because how are you going to celebrate for friends without just hanging out on the couch? Or what do you give someone for their birthday anyway ? A magician can then be a good solution. Not only can you make your own birthday party distinctive with this compared to the birthdays of friends, it is also a birthday gift that no one expects. Because who has ever received a magician act as a gift? Robin Matrix will come to your aid in all cases.

Also as a gift for a man’s birthday

With Robin Matrix you are always assured of a good birthday for a man. The professional magician can perform many different tricks, with which many hearts have already been stolen. As a result, there is always an element of surprise for your friends. From personal tricks to big gliding tricks. You can’t think of it so crazy that it will pass by on this day. You can also choose from different variants, so that you always have a day filling that suits the situation.

Hire a professional pickpocket

Think, for example, of Robin Matrix as a pickpocket on your birthday as a man. It effortlessly mixes with your friends, after which wallets, watches and other materials are effortlessly expropriated. You won’t even notice that the stuff is gone until the magician is standing in front of you with a well-known watch or wallet. Unlike a pickpocket on the street, your friends will of course get all their belongings back. Your birthday will be a unique experience for every guest and your friends and family will talk for a long time about the tricks the magician performed to expropriate the items.

Amaze the guests as a table magician

Would you prefer a magician who easily mixes with the guests and shows different tricks? Even then you are at the right place. You can hire a table magician for your birthday as a man, for which no extra space is required. At the standing tables where your guests are during the party, the most amazing and personal tricks can be performed for as long as you hire the magician. This can be done on the basis of a card game, but also property of your guests. The personal touch ensures that each trick can provide hours of conversation, and it is therefore more than worth the money.

Even more possibilities with a stage

If you celebrate your birthday as a man in a hall and a stage can be used, there is also the option to choose a stage act. Larger tricks are performed here, such as a floating table. The atmosphere here is slightly different than with the other options, because your guests then watch the show. It also gives a little more work, because the stuff has to be set up in advance. Therefore, always make sure that you can rent the room for a longer period of time, so that the magician does not have to prepare all the materials during the party. Is this not possible? Then take a good look at how you can plan everything for the day.

The travel costs included

The costs for a magician depend on the time you think you need. Hiring a magician for an hour will therefore also include a different price than if you hire him for the entire evening or day. The budget of your birthday as a man is therefore also important. However, when you hire Robin Matrix, you are assured of a fixed price per hour, where the travel costs are already included in the costs. As a result, you will never spend more than necessary and you can hire the professional magician anywhere in the Netherlands without needing a much too large budget. By requesting a quote, you immediately know where you stand and you can make further agreements.

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Robin Matrix

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